Dog Food Formula No. 1~5  1.5kg, 4kg, 10kg Super Fresh Production! Now in Stock!
No. 1 Prairie Lamb Mild Formula: Improve skin & follicle health, relieve allergy & inflammation, improve intestinal health.
No. 2 Forest Chicken Lean & Light Formula: Improve intestinal health, prevent obesity, relieve allergy & inflammation.
No. 3 Ocean Salmon Anti-allergic Formula: Relieve allergy & inflammation, improve skin & follicle health, 
improve intestinal health.

No. 4 River Duck Zen & Peace Formula: Balance hormone of neutered dog, prevent obesity, stablize emotion,
relieve allergy reaction

No. 5 Lake Turtle Caring Formula: Hypoallergenic softshell turtle formula! 
Supplement grade freeze dried softshell turtle meat: Help recover pet's health fast;
Japanese collagen tripeptide(HACP): Proven by tens of international journals having an excellent effect on skin, joint, and heart protection.


Cat Food Formula No. 2~3  1.5kg  An Upgrade Grain Free Version!
No. 2 Forest Chicken Intestinal Health Formula: Balance intestinal function, enhance immunity, hairball control,
maintain urinary tract health.

No. 3 Ocean Salmon Skin & Coat Formula: Skin & follicle health care, keep eyes area clean, glossy & shiny fur.

Please refer to  Formula Comparison

Real Nature Dog Food

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