member Membership Register Details

From now on,
member of the former website or new friends please register in our new website, so that you can shop in it !   
Real Nature Pet Food is opened officially for order since Sep 1st ! )
According to Personal Information Protection Act, we can not transfer the former accounts to the new website.

1. Membership program and discount after register on the new website?

Please register with your email on the former website, or you can use Facebook or Google account to register.
After register, you will become a general member, you will have basic membership discounts and promotions.
You can accumulate the purchase amount to upgrade to expert membership, and having more discounts !
(Discount amount is based on the website announcement, it may different depends on the product)

2.  What should I do if I had expert or partner membership before?

After register on the new website,
please tell us your member name, account, and phone by any ways.
After we compare with the information on former website, we will reset your membership program on the new website.
(Discount amount is based on the website announcement)

3. I already have an account on the old website, can I use another email to register?

Yes! But if general member want to accumulate together with the former website account to upgrade to expert membership,
please tell us your former website account, name, and one of order numbers when apply for upgrade,
then we can count together and upgrade, so please us the same email account and name if possible.

4. I have an expert or partner membership, what should I do if I want to use other email to register on the new website?

To protect your membership rights,
if the register email is different from the former one (member name has to be the same),
except for offering member name, account, and phone,
please attach any log in successfully screenshots on the old website or one of the former order email screenshot,
so that you can have the same membership as before.

5. Because of new website system, the membership program and discount will have some adjustments.

Please see the discount amount show on the website shopping system, we will not explain separately.

6. Our new website system supplier is joo, there may be some related signs or URL hint, please do not worry about it, and use it freely.

7. When will the old website out of service?

The old website will out of service since Sep 5th.
New friends who want to ask for the taster pack please visit our new website.
We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you, and we appreciate your understanding.


If you have ant questions, please contact us through any ways.

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