1. [Payment] What kinds of paying methods that I can use?
For now, we accept three kinds of paying methods, credit card, ATM transfer, and convenience store ibon machine payment.
2. [Oder] Where is the free choosing on the old website?
Want to match between different formulas just like on the old website before?
Don't worry!
We have the same service on the new website!
If you want to buy dry dog food 4 kg pack,
Please enter any dog food 4 kg pack pages,
There is a red word written "promotion" under the price,
According to different membership promotion, you can click it and choose the products you like!
3. [Delivery] When can I get my product after placing the order?
In-stock products:
    Order before 1pm on Monday to Thursday. The order will be shipped on the same day, and usually arrive next day.
    Order before 2pm. The order will be shipped on the same day, arrive on next Monday.
    Order between Friday 2pm and Monday 1pm. The order will be shipped on Monday, usually arrive on Tuesday.
    (It may need 1-2 more working days, if you’re not at home to receive the package timely, the address is in remote area, or due to other factors.)

    According to announcement on our official website, LINE@, and Facebook fanpage.

Because of regulatory restrictions, logistics will not deliver in most area on Saturday and Sunday.
If you have an urgent need, and hope the package will arrive on Saturday, please write the remarks.
We will try communicating with the logistics, but still we can't promise the package will arrive on Saturday!

※Actual delivery time may adjust depends on order amount, packages may be delivered earlier or delayed.
※After placing the order, please pay attention to the package pick up and e-mail notice.
1. [訂購] 多包優惠怎麼買?
2. [訂購] 折價券使用方式
3. [訂購] 折價券常見錯誤

二.輸入折價券顯示 「已順利領取折價券」卻沒有折價


4. [訂購] 紅利如何取得及使用方法




5. [訂購] 發票有哪幾種? 可以將發票匯入手機載具嗎?可以開立統編嗎?
請務必在「發票資訊」選取雲端發票→手機條碼載具 (自然人憑證載具),即可輸入載具編號,且不寄送紙本發票。




可自行輸入捐贈愛心碼 或 點選系統預設之愛心單位。

6. [訂購] 台灣有哪些官方授權線上通路?
7. [訂購] 出現「您選購的商品為會員限量購買商品」通知
1. How to change Real Nature Pet Food for my pet?
Want to change to Real Nature Pet Food and help your pet regain health?

Then how?

Don't worry, when we formulated, we already thought of you.

It relates to 2 points:
1. Medical Nutrition Therapy Formula
This is core technology of RealPower nutritionists!
We include all the nutrition pets need in the small kibble.
Supply possible nutrition which is lack for a long time, so you don't need to add other supplements!

2.Latest Hydrolysis Technology
Pet Food after hydrolysis is easy to digest and absorb for the pets, and reduce the burden of gastrointestinal tract.
Therefore, no need to worry that pets will have gastrointestinal problem after changing to Real Nature.

Then, do I need to change step by step as vet's or other websites' saying?
For most pets, they don't need to change step by step.
Which means, after receiving Real Nature Pet Food, you can feed your pet directly.
Step-by-step changing is unnecessary, and we don't recommend of doing that!

Real Nature products contain enough supplements, such as probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, etc.
When Real Nature mixes with other feeds contain different types of probiotics, these different probiotics may fight in the intestines, then cause pet not feeling well.
And after mixing with other feed, precious supplement in Real Nature Pet Food may lose its function, because the proportion pets eat is decreased.
By doing so for a long time, not only you can’t see the effects, but also wasting these supplements.

However, some cats got sensitive stomach, they might have loose stools when changing diets. So, their diet may need to be changed step by step and gradually.
If you need someone to help you see whether your pets need to change diet step by step, welcome contact our customer service!

What you are concerned, we have already considered it.
Let your pets start their new healthy life!
1. Do I need to add other supplements for my pet?
Not recommended!

Because we have used medical nutrition therapy, add "enough" nutritional supplements into small kibble.
No need of other supplements !

And to avoid nutrients conflict, do not add products mentioned below:
1. Additives contain "Probiotics"(May cause probiotics compete with each other in intestine. If needed, simple lactobacillus is recommended)
2. Organic and inorganic minerals (To avoid excessive minerals cause danger, and destroy the balance of minerals which is already set)
3. Lecithin (there's no harm of eating more, but has no benefit anymore)
4. Enzymes (Add too much will lower the production of endogenous enzymes in dogs)
5. Vitamins (We already added enough amount, and no thermal damage with our special processing. No need of adding additionally)
6. If skin under normal condition, no need of Omega-3 products(such as fish oil) additionally.
    If having allergic problem, add half of fish oil suggestion amount.

Besides!!! Please Pay Attention!
DO NOT add calcium additionally!And other minerals!
We already add enough calcium, phosphorus, and all the essential minerals.
Adding too much calcium, may cause proportion of calcium and phosphorus unbalance, and affect bone structure of pets.
And cause kidney stone because of taking too much calcium and magnesium for a long period of time.

Please trust us that we add enough amount in our ingredients!
For your pet's health, and for your wallet's safety.
Under normal condition, please do not add other supplements!
If you have any questions, please contact us directly!

Please note that
Real Nature Pet Food do not contain medicine, we use nutrition to support pet's health.
Cannot cure severe disease diagnosed by the vet.
If your vet already prescribed, please follow the vet's suggestion to feed.
Do not stop the medicine just because our products have varied and enough nutritional supplements!
If having any symptoms, please go to the vet immediately, and never give up curing!
1. 毛孩有健康狀況,醫生建議搭配藥物治療,吃瑞威可以不用吃藥嗎?


X 建議千萬不要隨意調整或停用醫生開立的藥物,

2. 瑞威為什麼不在WDJ推薦名單中?

相信許多飼主都有聽過/看過美國雜誌《Whole Dog Journal》,
WDJ 評鑑對象以北美及澳洲品牌為主,我們曾向相關單位積極爭取評鑑,得到的回覆是除非在美生產或美國相關企業,否則有極大難度。

3. 什麼是SNQ國家品質標章?哪些配方有SNQ?

SNQ=Symbol of National Quality 國家品質標章,也代表Safety & Quality的含意。2004年成立,每年審視市面上健康保健服務與產品,讓台灣民眾認識優秀的醫療團隊以及高品質的生技醫療產品,免除安全與品質的疑慮。

全犬齡犬糧3號 海洋魚貝
貓糧2號 森林燉雞
1. [Out of Stock] How many dry pet foods should I prepare at home, if I want to buy Real Nature for my pet in the long term?
1. If you have any problems, welcome to contact us!
Have any questions after buying our products ?
You are welcome to contact us directly!
Calls, Line@, Facebook, and Email are all welcome!

We will reply you as soon as possible after we receive your message!
1. 獸醫建議吃處方飼料,可以瑞威寵糧代替嗎?


2. 可以不同配方混合一起食用嗎?

3. 剛換瑞威發現毛孩好像不愛吃,怎麼辦?



4. 幼貓該如何選擇?



1. 收到商品後,該如何退貨?


【會員登入】登入帳號 →【訂單查詢】點選該筆訂單→【我要聯絡】,






2. 有太多問題想詢問,該如何聯絡瑞威?

歡迎於上班時間,周一至周五 早上12:30-17:30致電 02-2711-7000,