RealPower Take Social Benefit as Mission from the very Beginning!


Though we are limited in fund and ability, we still can do our best.

We focus on helping animal halfway houses that rescue stray dogs and dogs from the shelters.

Under limited resources, we give priority support to professional groups that help the stray dogs by professional way and within restricted area,and stray dog kennels that perform mild trapping, neutering, vaccination by plan and cooperate with vet on medical rescue.


According to our specialty and ability, we offer:

    1. City and county level animal house, large stray dog kennels: Free special formula, OEM,
        only charge for ingredients and production.

    2. Medium stray dog kennels: After evaluation, we offer our products for support aperiodically.

    3. Private halfway house: After evaluation, we offer our products for support aperiodically.

        (Because of limited sources and ability, we can only support stray dog organization that is under counseling, planned and able to perform TNR.
         We respect but decline individual and organization that feed on roadside.)


If you need any support, please feel free to contact us anytime!

If you love your life companion just like we do, please treat your lovely dog well, never abandon him/her;
If all the circumstances allowed, please 


"Adopt Rather Than Buy"




In the end of 2014, we supported stray dog organization by action.

Donate a hundred of Real Nature pet food packages for nutritional supplement for stray dogs.

We also support several halfway houses with Real Nature, help the dogs recover energy and improve their intestinal health,
provide fish oil for instant recovery of damage fur.


RealPower will consistently support by action:

1. Group: Regular stray dog shelters which gaining profit is not their purpose,
    and applying for government subsidy is not their goal.

2. Individual: Person that saves dogs from the shelters and provide halfway home for them for a long time.


We will provide aperiodically:

Real A+ professional kennels special formula for stray dog shelters for daily feeding use;
Real Nature series, Real Mega fish oil for individual halfway home, help dogs recover energy and health to welcome new owner!


If you need support, please contact us directly.
(Because of limited resources, forgive us that we have to evaluate the effect in the past, decide whether to donate and the amount of donation.)