Dispel myths of pet food #1 High protein is always the best?

Animal protein, vegetable protein, which is the best for cat?

Cat's owners try hard to find healthy diet for their cats, and always believe that "high protein" is enough, but… are all the proteins good?

Protein consists of different kinds and proportions of amino acid.

For animal and human, amino acid can be divided into "essential amino acid" and "non-essential amino acid".
"Essential amino acid" is especially important among them, because animal
can't produce these special amino acids, they must be taken from food protein.

Carnivore (cat) and omnivore (human) need different kind of "essential amino acid".
Cat cannot produce enough arginine, lysine, taurine, methionine, etc., and lack of these elements will cause huge impact to body function, even cause severe disease.

Right "proportion of amino acid" can meet cat's body needs.
Just like puzzle, you can't complete the puzzle without any pieces.
Having incorrect proportion for a long period of time causes your cat sick also

To sum up, premium and varied animal protein
provide amino acid and proper proportion cats need.
Only fresh and complete meat can let your cat grow healthy

Vegetable protein (like beans) cannot provide enough "essential amino acid",
and usually contains
antinutrient which reduce cat's digestion and cause body burden

Real Nature Cat Food use 100% fresh meat and 130-140% fresh meat proportion to satisfy cat's animal protein needs.

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