Urban Cat vs. Wild Cat very different in lifestyles!

Why RealPower formulated for urban cat? 

Cats are carnivores no matter live in wild or be fed by human. Then, what's the biggest different between urban cat and wild cat?

The answer is : prey vs. be fed

A cat lives in wild needs to prey by itself, and prey on varied food, such as mouse, bird, and even rabbit.
A creature body contains lots of energy resources such as protein, fat, carbohydrate, etc., and essential nutrients such as minerals, microminerals, etc.
With varied food resources, cats can obtain balanced nutrition.

A house cat relies on food provide by human,
it can't choose by itself,
Therefore, we need to "supply all nutrients cats need as possible" in daily diet, or it causes
lack of nutrition easily.
Lack of this kind of nutrient usually has no instant danger, but may cause
chronic disease over a long period of time.
Therefore, except for high fresh meat and low-carb food used,
Real Nature adds high effective nutrients, such as
South America deep-sea fish oil, 12 billion heat and acid resistance probiotics, glucosamine, small molecule collagen peptide, hydrolyzed lecithin, lactoferrin, etc., hoping that we can help cats maintaining high quality life.

Besides, urban cat's exercise and activity are not good as wild cat and foreign free-range cat, too much protein may
cause burden to kidney.
We want to remind every parent that the main point is to choose
"animal protein" which suits cat for digest and use,
instead of "vegetable protein" which is not easy to digest!