Simple 4 steps check your puppys health

Don't be nervous of taking care of puppy, new parents over here !

Puppies need careful care, how do we know whether they grow well? Simple 4 steps let you have a quick check on puppy's growing condition!

Puppy is the weakest phase of dog, needs to be careful.
4 steps shared below let you have a simple check of puppy's health!

1. Whether weight increase stably  

Weight increasing is an important sign of puppy's health.
If weight is not stable and increase normally, except for congenital factor or disease, it may be
lack of nutrition,
needs to be more careful of puppy's eating condition.
less food at a meal and more meals a day, gives more portions of puppy food,
and let the puppy eat whenever he wants.

Besides, pay more attention on stool condition,
If puppy has loose stool often, maybe he eats too much or intestines have problem,
you need to decrease the feeding amount properly.
If puppy's weight doesn't increase stably after weaning, then you should choose puppy food which is more suitable!


2. Whether keep whimpering 

Puppies always sleeping except eating, they rarely whimper.
If they
keep whimpering, they may be hungry or it's a sign of not feeling well


3. Whether spine and head are unusual 

Look and touch lightly puppy's spine and head, if you feel something unusual, go to the vet immediately.

4. When drinking, does water comes out from the nose 

If puppy has such situation, puppy may have congenital upper cleft palate. It needs to see the vet as soon as possible.

If puppies have situations above, they need careful observed,
If necessary, please take them to the vet and have a check immediately!

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