What is hydrolyzed protein?

Why Real Nature add hydrolyzed protein?

Why protein need to be hydrolyzed first? Only heard of hydrolyzed milk powder for baby, is it related to allergy? Let's see how animal nutritionist said !

Q:What is hydrolyzed protein?

Hydrolyzed protein is protein after hydrolysis,
original large molecule protein turn into
small molecule (small peptide).
Normal protein become "functional peptide" which can reduce allergy and help digestion!
Hydrolyzed protein not only makes original protein has better nutrition and improve function,
makes protein easier to be absorbed by body and enhances the using of protein!


Q:Hydrolysis is a technology, then what kinds of ingredients do RealPower hydrolyze?

Real Nature Pet Food add "hydrolyzed chicken peptide", which hydrolyzes chicken protein into small molecule peptide!
Real Nature use "DaChan safe chicken" which went through a lot of inspections.


Q:Hydrolyzed protein is related to allergy? 

When big molecule protein enter body, immune system always recognizes it as an invader and attack it, then causes allergic reaction.
Hydrolyzed protein is a better choice for pets
because of its small molecule and not easy to stimulate immune system features.


Q:My pet has no allergy, hydrolyzed protein also suits him?

Dog and cat have short intestines and fast digestion.
Small molecule hydrolyzed protein makes the nutrition easier to be absorbed,
relieves digestive burden, and maintains digestion health!
Besides, the more food is digested completely, the less waste needs to be excreted, and it also decreases your pet's stool odor!