RealPower Nutrition Co., LTD. is the only company consists of animal nutritionists
among Taiwan pet food companies


Founded in mid-2013, RealPower consists of three professional animal nutritionists from NTU,
with over decades of experience in Taiwan and overseas.

Focus on pet animal nutrition from the very beginning.

Launch products which really meet pet's nutrition needs but with a proper price.

Develop a conscientious company conforms to social justice, benefit and general will!


Our products:

►Dry Dog Food
    Real Nature Natural Balance Dog Food                   5  kinds of formulas
    Real Nature Natural Balance Puppy Food                2  kinds of formulas

    Real Nature Professional Kennel Special Formula

►Dry Cat Food
    Real Nature Natural Balance Cat Food                     2 kinds of formulas

►Nutrient Supplements
    Real Nature Freeze Dried Vegetable & Fruit Pack
    Real Mega Nutrient Supplement Fish Oil


Brand Spirit


Real Food, Real Power!


Real Food for Our Pet and Share with Your Lovely Pet!
We share our show grade complete ration for your pet.


We Take Care of Your Pet, You Take Care of Yourself and Your Family!
We place high value on food safety, from choosing food to pet's health after eating.


Three animal nutritionists with decade of experience and overcome all kinds of hardship.
Back to Taiwan with knowledge from overseas professors and experts, and experience of animal nutritional food.


We Really Want to Let You Know That

Our conscience, for our loyal partner in home and for your sweet pet!
In fact, there are pet food full of conscience and love in Taiwan; In fact, there are ingredients in Taiwan surpass imported ones


As a member of the Net Generation, we are used to Facebook, Twitter, Blog and Forum,
we are used to telling others information about animal nutrition anonymously on the Internet.
As a part of Taiwan, we are forced to get used to food safety scandals several times a year,
though we are familiar with ingredients and food industry.

But We Are a Drop in the bucket, Unable to Turn the Tide, What We Can Do Is Start with ourselves!


Yes Taiwan premium food-grade agriculture products
Yes Europe & USA delicate ingredients
Yes Micronutrients from Europe world famous suppliers
Yes Nutrients from world famous suppliers
Yes Adhere to "food safety before eating and pet's health after eating"
Never Miscellaneous plant meal and animal meal, fake protein and fat
Never Recycled gutter oil
Never Artificial Preservatives
Never Artificial flavoring and coloring
Never Artificial harmful additives


We provide the Real Food from nature only, let your pet regain the Real Power from nature!

Real Food, Real Power!


Management Team:


Edward Chiu

Marketing Director
Executive MBA, National Taiwan University
Animal Science Dept., National Taiwan University
Academy of Feed Examination, R.O.C.   President Director
World Famous Animal Nutrition Group   Former Operation Manager, Marketing Manager
Taiwan Famous Listed Company   Former Technical Consultant for Animal Nutrition
Southeast Asia Famous Animal Nutrition Company   Former Technical Consultant


Mastino Lin

Technical Director
Animal Science Dept., National Taiwan University   M.S. of Animal Nutrition
World Famous Animal Nutrition Group   Former Operation Manager


William Chou


International Business Director
Animal Science Dept., National Taiwan University   M.S. of Animal Physiology
USA Top 100 University   M.S. of Management
World Famous Animal Nutrition Group   Former Operation Manager


Consultants from industry and academia, supports from Doctor of nutrition and veterinary experts.